Vitrian Secrets: The Healing Mendéz

The secrets and complications have only increased for Wanda. One of her dad’s closest friends, Xavier who was presumed dead by everyone is alive and the Healing Méndez she was asked to fetch from the rebels cannot be found. Her life is not only the one in danger now but her little brother Jason and her mother might die if the Healing Méndez is not found. In all of this, she still needs to find out who is after her life and whether she truly is the special Chosen Child everyone speaks of?

If you think book one of the Vitrian Secrets had suspense then you need to find a stronger word to describe book two. Putting the book down will be difficult until you get to the end.

Vitrian Secrets: The Chosen Unveiled

Sixteen years old Wanda must defend herself now. She has been identified as The Chosen child that the Vitrians had been waiting for. She barely escaped death fifteen years ago when some of the Vitrian children were attacked and killed in a bid to get rid of The Chosen. Now her gift has manifested and she could see demons but has no Vitrian powers to fight because her mother kept her away from the Vitrian lifestyle and a prayerless Vitrian is a powerless one. With her gift so obvious she has become the main target, however she needs to find solace and trust in someone who can protect her but there are so many secrets. Who can she trust? Can she trust her own parents?

The Vitrian Secrets is filled with suspense. The story line will blow your mind…Enjoy it!

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